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                     the Story of Baby Blu

       Babyblu has been renowned as one of the preeminent DJ's in 

       New York City for over twenty years. As a pioneer of the mash

       up movement in the mid 90's, he helped destroy the old criteria of

       club music and redefine what a DJ could be.

       With an unparalleled ability and instinct for mixing seemingly

       incompatible songs together, Babyblu stuck out like a sore thumb

       among his peers, who never wavered from the holy trinity of club

       music at the time, hip hop, dance classics and reggae.  


       Babyblu saw no reason to limit himself musically, and developed

       a style that would have been easy to laugh at had it not been so 

       technically impressive. With an innate sense of satire, Babyblu's

       song selection seemed to constantly turn on itself, reinventing the 

       rythm with each new mix. 

      A few wild New York characters "got it" and believed in him            and his first residency was at the brand new Bowery Bar

      followed by the Roxy on Friday nights. This was '95 and

      things picked up quickly. Soon he was working with promoters

     Nur Khan and Vegas, DJ'ing at Wax and then later at

     Sway's Monday night party with Justine D. and Michael T.

      as well as Litte Nell of Rocky Horror at her Suzie Wong

      room on Houston.


     Then in 2000, the Grand Hotels decided to have DJ's

      and  thus began his 4 year residency at the Tribeca Grand on 

      Saturdays and  the Soho Grand on Mondays. Playing at 

       fancy hotels led to his next project, producing runway soundtracks

       for the Milly and Monique Lhuillier fashion shows at

       Bryant Park.

      Babyblu was one of the last real mix and scratch DJ's to still

      play vinyl. And this, along with his wild mixing style, added to his

      distinction. In 2018 however, he finally embraced the digital 

      possibilities of modern DJ'ing. Time for chapter 2 of Blu.

     "take a look at my new digital record player....

      works just like the old ones"-blu


Blu's digital record player.jpg
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